Fakta Menyenangkan Siput Laut Biru Untuk Anak-Anak

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Blue ocean mythical beasts are shocking little molluscs that hang out topsy turvy in a significant number of the world’s open seas. These are shell-less gastropods, similar to your normal nursery slug, yet with significantly more going on.
They go through their time on earth drifting around, to some degree kept above water by a gas https://www.goindoti.com/ filled sac in their stomach to help lightness. Blue mythical serpents are otherwise called the blue ocean slug, blue heavenly messenger, winged serpent slug, and even ocean swallow.

They’re distinctive blue, which might assist with safeguarding these water surface-tenants from UV light and give significant disguise. They additionally sport six padded members from their body, and chase down a portion of the more venomous creatures in the sea for lunch.
They grow up to around 3cm (1.2 inches) long, albeit a few bigger examples have been found and can be tracked down in gatherings.
They are one of only a handful of exceptional predatory slugs, and their irregularity doesn’t stop there; they can likewise give a frightful sting whenever dealt with or stepped on.

They live contrarily to most creatures

Obviously, there are substantial motivations to change this arrangement for a brief time, and we don’t have to go into those here. The fact of the matter is, up will be up, down will be down, and that is the manner in which we like it.Most sea creatures are this way, as well, and link bola88 thusly, many utilize a cool transformation called countershading. This is where their top side is dim and their base side is light. This is a type of cover, in that while you’re gazing toward one of these creatures, you see a variety like that of the sky above, and assuming that you’re peering down, it’s less differentiated against the dark blue ocean.

Their top side is lighter than their foot, which is blue. That is on the grounds that their floor is the ocean surface, and they lay on it from under! Like different slugs, they pull onto their substrate to get around, just for this situation perhaps you could call it a superstrate. The surface pressure helps them from one area to another through wind and sea flows.

They eat lethal jellyfish

Good, we might have been misrepresenting somewhat in both the ‘destructive’ and the ‘jellyfish’ part of that sentence, however a Portuguese Man o’ War is not something to be played with. In any case, these little mythical beasts take care of them and will pick them over lettuce any day of the week.But that is not its just food; this creature has a preference for risk. A correspondingly jellyfish-like hydrozoan called the By-the-Wind Mariner is likewise on top of its menu, as well as the floaty violet ocean snail but another stinging province creature, the blue button.

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